CORDWOOD DRAGGERS: My Baby's Like a Rocketship: CD

Dec 21, 2004

Bass-slappin' drag racer Jose Espinosa decided to pull up his Cordwood, California roots and relocate to England with two buddies who shared his passion for traditional rockabilly. It wasn't a bad move considering British rockers are only slightly less fanatical than the Japanese when it comes to straw cowboy hats, ten-inch pompadours and classic, pre-rock rockabilly. Vocalist Mick Cocksedge has his hiccup vocals down to a science and guitarist Big Ed Potter sounds like he was playing sockhops in 1954. There's nothing terribly innovative about the Draggers and their lyrics are rather pedestrian but their delivery is exceptionally professional and for some people, that's more than sufficient. Good stuff to swing to, but this album is strictly for the initiated.

 –eric (El Toro)

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