CORBETA CORBATA: Investing with Corbeta Corbata: 7” 33

Mar 17, 2008

This record looked pretty good at first—after all, one would assume that anyone who would take the time and effort to rip off the Columbia Records graphic style of the early/mid ‘60s would have also taken the time and effort to put out a record that didn’t suck utterly. Just goes to show ya what a bad judge of character i am. I knew i was in trouble once the bass player started playing chords, and if there was no existing law on the books that states “no A-side shall utilize 6/8 time as its primary time signature,” there is now. Sounds like bad Die Kreuzen sea chanty music. And that’s the a-side. NEXT! BEST SONG: “It’s Better Not To Know” BEST SONG TITLE: “It’s Better Not To Know” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: It’s better not to know.

 –norb (Collective)