Jan 27, 2015

The Copyrights propagated a style of pop punk before the market became saturated. Because of the many imitators since, they can sound derivative. It’s hard for me to fully enjoy this album because it reminds me so much of high school. However, once past the, at times, slightly juvenile and repetitivehooks, there are some amusingly clever lyrics—something that never fails to delight me. “I’m throwing nickels at my student loans / and they haven’t made a dent” is a sentiment relatable to any college student or graduate. “The New Frontier” is a musical ode to the works of Steinbeck. And the simple, but honest, lines, “I wouldn’t change it if I could / But that’s easy to say / I can’t change it anyway,” from “This World Is Such a Drag” are a perfect summation of my current outlook towards my dead end job and overwhelming school load. All this, wrapped in a pop punk package, make for an easily digestible—if saccharine—listening experience. 

 –Ashley (Red Scare)