COPYRIGHTS, THE: North Sentinel Island: CD

Nov 15, 2011

I finally figured out my stance on the Copyrights. They are an ideal EP band. I want to like them, but when I put on one of their full lengths, I zone everything out to background music after four or five songs. Yet, the times I hear a track or two from them on Joe Sibb’s radio show, I start reevaluating them and thinking of them as more awesome. They have a very workmanlike way of crafting catchy Chicago-style pop punk, but it is almost too consistent over the long haul. So if one thinks of North Sentinel Island’s fourteen tracks as three EPs, it’s a quite exceptional pop punk release. Go track one to five as EP one. Start again at track six “Bow Down,” which really feels like an opening track due to the sampling. End this EP at eleven, “The New Ground Floor,” which has a very epic ending. Finally, start again at twelve and you have yourself a nice three-track EP. So there we go, program this into the MP3 player as three EPs, and you have yourself a rad compilation album. As a bonus, this got me to look up what North Sentinel Island is. What would I do without an inspirational teacher like pop punk?

 –Adrian Salas (Red Scare)