COPYRIGHTS, THE: North Sentinel Island / Crutches: LP/EP: LP/EP

Sep 16, 2011

Oh mama. I can pretty much guarantee that more than a few loyal Razorcakers have been chomping at the bit for these new Copyrights releases (I’m reviewing both the new LP and 7” here since the latter is essentially a preview of the former and I received them at the same time), and they shan’t be disappointed. I’m not sure what the general consensus is, but Learn the Hard Way was easily my favorite Copyrights LP of the bunch, and North Sentinel Island, even after only a handful of listens, is giving Hard Way a run for its money. I wouldn’t say that these new recordings are a real departure for the band by any means (I actually think these songs have more in common with Make Sound than Hard Way), but this is certainly their most, dare I say, mature stuff to date. Lyrically, the band continues to build on their go-for-heart-and-gut, super sincere singalong approach, but the subject matter is aging incredibly well. More diverse in tempo and dynamics than Hard Way, North Sentinel Island feels more well-crafted, with more ebb and flow, and with a more cohesive overall completeness. The secret weapon here is the tight, non-stop sequencing of the record that, even with the more varied tempos, never lets up for even a moment. A hell of a job on both of these records (the Crutches 7” has two songs not on the LP, so don’t miss that either) from IAR’s flagship band. Hell yes. –(It’s Alive)

 –Dave William (It’s Alive)