COPYRIGHTS, THE: Mutiny Pop: Picture Disc LP

Jul 23, 2007

People have called this album much like ‘90s Lookout Records material…but it’s much better if you ask me, as it’s catchier, less whiny or forced, and much fuller than the aforementioned recordings. I know reviewers never really touch upon the actual design or layout of albums for some reason…but I can’t help myself on this one. Super orange and black splashes and streaks on the vinyl complementing the labels and artwork are having me do back flips of joy. The poster and lyric sheets are great too—you wanna put them both on your wall instantly! The artwork really doesn’t attack you on the CD version as it does here. It’s some special stuff. Makes you feel like a lucky holder of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. I promise.

 –mrz (It’s Alive)