Sep 28, 2008

Splits are always a dicey proposition. Sometimes you just can’t help it, and one side blows big ape chunks. Not so with this baby. Meths are back to a lean, mean four piece and the results on the first six tunes on this speak for themselves. Top notch songwriting, cool leads from Byrne, and the rhythm section is rock solid. “Under the Skyline” will be encouraging some drunken sing-alongs, and that’s a good thing. The Copyrights hold up their end of the deal on their side. “Keep Me in the Dark” has a chorus that will remain lodged in your veins like a good sugar rush from a Slurpee. They even tackle a cover by The Primitive Radio Gods. Intriguing. Impressive gentlemen, most impressive.

 –koepenick (Transparent, no address)

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