Jul 23, 2007

The new offering from Carbondale’s slowly growing saviors of punk rock. Okay, maybe they don’t see themselves as such, and maybe they are saviors in my head alone…but god damn, this new album is amazing. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of Mutiny Pop, which in turn was light years ahead of We Didn’t Come Here to Die. Each time The Copyrights, put out a new album, the lyrics speak to me like no other albums have, and this is no exception. Lyrics like “I’m starting to feel like I’m on this city’s menu, but I don’t mind” are not only relevant to me right now, but are cleverly written—no simple “this city is eating me alive” here—uh, uh, no way. And yes, it’s pop punk. But…if you were to play this album for anyone outside the punk rock underground…they would not only not be able to link this remotely to anything they know of as pop punk…but I bet you they’ll start to wonder why it was American Idiot and not this album in their car CD changer right fucking now. And for those of you who get excited about amazing vocals, guest backups were offered up by Zack Rivethead, Brendan Kelley, and Danny Vapid. Super sweet. This shit is giving me cavities already. Ten stars out of five. Will this be at the top of my 2007 list? You know it, buddy. Now go buy it. We’re never out here alone. Never.

 –mrz (Red Scare)

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