Jul 24, 2013

Hard to believe, but there once was a time when I actually liked pop punk. This, of course, was long before it became the pigeonhole du jour and the planet was effectively pummeled with an unrelenting deluge of some of the worst fucking Xerox clone post-post-post-post Ramones/Descendents/Screeching Weasel/Queers dog-bottom pie imaginable. The shitstorm has tapered off a bit in recent years, but it nonetheless continues to rain down in a more or less steady stream to this day and has effectively replaced what was once a creative path veering off from the hardcore-than-thou crowd with a billion songs about boogers, boredom, and boobs based on the same chord patterns and featuring some asshole trying to affect the perfect “snotty” delivery. Like so many others, The Copyrights play(ed) pop punk. Unlike the herd, they did so with a sincerity and singularity that nudged ‘em well above the rest of the pack. Collected here are tracks from assorted singles, comps, and split releases for fans who missed out the first time ‘round or weren’t aware they existed until now. Don’t usually find myself saying this too often about stuff from this subgenre, but this is definitely deserving of repeated listens.

 –jimmy (It's Alive)