COPYRIGHTS: Shit's Fucked: CD

Jul 24, 2013

So, it’s come to this, a Copyrights retrospective. Everyone’s favorite Illinois-but-not-Chicago pop punk band has compiled a bunch of their odds and ends into one coherent package. And I mean coherent. The CD opens into a gatefold of a collage of all their album covers thrown together. It’s pretty awesome, actually. (Even the Art of the Underground singles girl is in it!) You know the drill, this isn’t for the casual fan, this is for the completists, the nerds, and the groupies. Just like any other retrospective, we’ll hear the good and the bad, the new and old all strung together in a loose twenty-four track package. What I’ve always admired about the Copyrights was their ability to create an earworm of a song. I know every Copyrights’ chorus, but I can’t say I listen to their records all the time or have ever been a hardcore fan. Do I recommend it? Sure. Some of their best songs are on this and some of their worst. It’s really the songs from their splits with The Brokedowns and The Methadones that you should really want.

 –Bryan Static (It’s Alive,