COPPERPOT JOURNALS, THE: Plotting to Kill Your Friends: CD

Jul 26, 2009

In which four lads from the UK mimic various bastard shoegazing spirits of long dead bands. These seven songs veer from slightly crunchy, vaguely rocking angular post-core to pathetic, insipid, sniveling and pretentious lyrical and musical content (see the title track: “To emulate the feeling of a dying soul comes easy. Our scars will offer us the chance to stay in touch with our bleeding, our release, and our memories can die before we have the chance to secure them.”). I’m usually in favor of bands including lyrics sheets because I like to know what they’re singing, even if I don’t know what they’re singing about, but in this case I think I would have been better off remaining blissfully ignorant.

 –scott (Firefly)

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