May 09, 2012

These two dudes are making an attempt at playing some extra-distorted blues, like the Mexican version of the early White Stripes or Black Keys. This recording is almost sub-Daniel Johnston in recording quality, though. I’m usually all about “crappy” recordings (i.e. the Urinals, Flipper, everything on Deadbeat Records), but if you’re gonna bother getting an artist to do your cover/layout and paying for professional packaging, it might help to put some of that money into making sure your music isn’t mastered so that it’s so muffled and quiet that it sounds like your speakers are shorted out. At any rate, it sounds like there may be some promising garage punk blues poking around, and maybe given a recording that is not so much “cleaner,” but perhaps better balanced, this band can shine a bit more.

 –Adrian Salas (Saustex)

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