Jan 23, 2008

Split vinyl offering from a bunch of dope-smoking braineaters from Madison, Wisconsin. I like how their label refers to both bands as “bong-ripping shred fiends.” Murder Of Crows contribute one long, apocalyptic song, “Empty Battlefields,” that comes across as a slightly crustier version of the Awakening’s The Final Feast 7”. No lyrics for the Copeater side, but with titles like “Whale Riders” and “Space Dock”—c’mon, you know what spacedocking is, right?—I’m wondering how much we really need to know. They’re plowing through four grindcore songs in about as many minutes, and it’s some pretty thick stuff for a two-piece. If you’re veering towards the darker end of the spectrum, try this one out. I’m more into Celtic flute-rock at this point in time, but the Jeff Gaither-esque cover and insert were pretty awesome.

 –keith (Scenester Credentials)