Jun 19, 2007

I love gatefold covers. They make a record feel more important in your hand. Like it was made that way to better protect what is inside. Also, there is more area for artwork and such: more to look at while you are taking a listen. This one is no exception. The artwork is intricate but simple by being only black and white. The inside artwork on this release would have been a rad poster to put up on the wall. The artist, who I can’t find a name of on this release, has created an artwork that can be described as Pushead-like. Cop On Fire hail from Spain and shows that punk has been established and cross infected the entire world. They play a brand of modern day d-beat mixed with some crust influences. Visions Of War hail from Belgium and blast out five tracks of punishing crust. More metallic on their tracks and they feature dual male vocals. A great offering from two bands from separate countries. This is co-released with five different labels out of Europe. So if there is an interest, I can’t see this release disappearing anytime soon.

 –don (Profane Existence)