Mar 07, 2013

Seems that reverb-drenched post-punk is all the rage these days, with labels like Hozac peddling hook-less Marychain-inspired rot to the masses. Some kids have taken the obscure U.K. post-punk to new levels of weirdness like these cats from Florida. I’ve never been to the place, but there’s some weird shit in the water, make no mistake. This shit sounds like any number of no-mark nobodies from the U.K. circa ‘78 who banged on pots and pans and recorded it into a dusty tape recorder. There’s some surf vibes hidden in there; off kilter sax and drums that sound like cardboard boxes. It sounded like the record was warped, but it seems the digital versions sound the same. You know if you need this. I don’t get it. –Tim Brooks

 –Tim Brooks (Florida’s Dying)

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