COOTERS, THE: Chaos or Bust: CD

Jun 19, 2007

You know how when you’re riding a Greyhound, especially if it’s a really long trip, your standards will lower because you’re so bored, and you’ll talk to pretty much anyone who looks even slightly punk? Like, some dude with a brohawk and a pudding ring gets on the bus, and maybe he has a crimson ghost patch on his jacket or something, so you let him sit next to you in hopes that maybe he’ll offer some interesting conversation, but he actually just talks your ear off about his job as a cable installer, and how if he can just come up with a down payment he can get his own bucket truck and start getting hired on as an independent contractor and not have to deal with his dickhead regional manger anymore; and on every other weekend when his kid doesn’t come to visit, he and his two cousins have a punk rock band, they do a few covers like “Ace of Spades” and a couple Misfits tunes and a Discharge song, but they write their own songs too, they write about how the government’s fucked up and how working sucks and how relationships suck, but they got a couple fun songs too, like—get this—they have a song about Waffle House! Man, that’s crazy, who writes a song about Waffle House? Dude, those guys are nuts. Well anyway, this CD sounds like that guy’s band.

 –ben (Profane Existence)