CONVERSIONS, THE: Prisoners’ Inventions: LP

May 26, 2008

Listening to Prisoners’ Inventions is like watching a great movie for the second time—the characters and scenes are familiar, the plot doesn’t go anywhere unexpected, but things that went unnoticed the first time around reveal themselves, and the subtle touches that went into making the film become apparent. At first listen, The Conversions aren’t doing anything ground breaking with their brand of perfectly executed, arty post-hardcore, but just underneath the surface is a thoughtfulness and attention to song craft that isn’t found in 99.9 of the hardcore bands releasing music today. The lyrics are satisfyingly vague (no self-righteous braggadocio here), the breakdowns are interesting and unique, and the singer’s voice is high-pitched and ferocious. It reminds of a less rock’n’roll Aerobitch, a less balls-to-the-wall I.C.U., or a more musically accomplished East Bay Chasers. It’s good. Really good.

 –benke (Level Plane)

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