CONVERGE / DROPDEAD: 20 Years: Split: 7”

Jul 06, 2011

One track each by these titans of hardcore. It blows my mind to think that these bands have been around for twenty years, but this split proves that both are as relevant as ever. Little can be said about Converge that hasn’t been said elsewhere. Punishingly fast and unflinchingly in your face, their track “Runaway,” is the band at their noisy, dissonant, best. “Paths of Glory,” is the first new DropDead recording in seven years, and the band is still pissed, still political, and still knows how to rage. Blasting out at blistering speed, the song is a little over a minute of pure punk/hardcore adrenaline. This is a must have for fans of either band, and, hopefully, a taste of more to come.   

 –Paul J. Comeau (Armageddon Label)