CONTROLLERS: Self-titled: CD

Sep 09, 2009

This brought back some memories. First time I heard ‘em was on the What Is It comp way back when. What always impressed me about the Controllers was the drive their songs had. Even though they weren’t particularly fast, they had the sound that reminded me of a Barracuda revving up on the line, waiting for the red light to change so it could peal off, screaming in the night. On some songs, like “Slow Boy,” they did just that. Collected here are the tracks from the aforementioned comp (which were in turn originally from their first EP), the Tooth and Nail comp, the Do the Uganda EP, some demos, a track from offshoot band Kaos and some re-workings from the period in the '90s when they reformed as Skull Control. To say this is mandatory would be an understatement.

 –jimmy (Dionysus)

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