CONTROLLERS: Another Sunny Day: CD

Mar 13, 2007

Leave it to Artifix to scrape up yet another crucial collection of rarities from Los Angeles’ punk rock past. Rather than a rehash of previously released stuff or a compendium of recordings of dubious quality, this is a collection of wholly heretofore unreleased gems that stands toe-to-toe with the Controllers disc that came out on Bacchus Archives a couple of years back. Submitted for your approval are their very first demo from 1977, five songs from their 1982 “Masque Reunion” set at the Cathay de Grande with Chalo from the Plugz on drums, their 1996 “reunion” demo (which was also the last recording session with Karla Maddog on drums), and their last demo from 2002, all of which are blessed with simply faboo sound. Add to that some marvy liner notes penned by Johnny Stingray himself and oodles of pics and we’re talking an absolute necessity for the collection. The downside, you ask? That these guys aren’t a household name and still tearing shit up, ’cause they truly were one of the greats. Just give a listen to “Do the Uganda” or my personal pick “Hot Stumps” and try to tell me I’m outta my mind.

 –jimmy (Artifix)