CONSUMED: Pistols at Dawn: CD

Jul 09, 2009

Hey, they jumped ship! Once Fat Wreck staples, they come down the coast to LA’s BYO. It’s kind of the same network anyway. It’s their third release after the debut album Breakfast at Pappa’s and the sophomore release, Hit for Six. Consistency has been the key for this band. This release shows that they have continued to grow. The songs are catchy yet strong. The production has always been used to their advantage. Not coming off bubble gum, they tear forward using a palatable aggression that won’t turn off many. The musicianship is not overboard, but interesting enough to keep their identity. They’ve got a good mix of loud guitars, strong vocals and solid rhythm section as a backbone to mix melody with rocking riffs. I was kind of wondering where these guys have been. A definite highlight in what’s coming out in the UK.

 –don (BYO)