CONSUME: Who’s the Real Monster: 7"

Aug 24, 2009

Whoo-doggie. Aggressive, masterfully executed hardcore that’s thought provoking (“the need for acceptance has overruled competence”) while the music’s as heavy and dangerous as a bag of hammers thrown out an eight-story window into a crowded street. The guitar work’s complex, rough, and eerily melodic, so hints of both Tragedy and No Parade (two bands well worth seeking out) are present, too. (Also super-early Mudhoney. How odd.) By doing that, they make one of the catchiest anti-turning-animals-into-clothing songs I’ve heard in a long time. Of interest, to keep them being subsumed by the waves of other hardcore bands, they not only have a song about how sharks have been demonized (“Carcharodon Carcharias”), but include an essay on the topic of shark hunting in the lyrics booklet and have a picture of a shark on the cover. Excellent. I love it when hardcore has undeniable hooks and smarts.

 –todd (Consume)