CONSTRASTO / KALASHNIKOV: Come il Soffitto di una Chiesa Bombardata: 10” EP

A formidable pairing of Italian hardcore and punk on one convenient 10” disc: Contrasto’s introductory track starts off a bit slow and mellow but shit soon kicks into gear on the following songs, bringing to mind Ebullition-style hardcore and later period Seein’ Red. Some moments are chaotic and others catchy—but undeniably hardcore throughout: Contrasto delivers. Kalashnikov is a RazorcakeHQ favorite that I will be paying closer attention to from now on. Sandwiched in between a poignant “bombs are dropping, cue the laugh track” sound collage and a solemn spoken word piece is Kalashnikov’s innovative take on punk and hardcore with revved-up drum charging, full throttle guitar hooks, and fearlessly passionate vocals. Eye-catching artwork envelops this record with lyrics. The music speaks volumes and I’m all ears. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Chaos Rurale)