CONNOISSEUR: Stoner Justice: LP

Sep 18, 2015

Thrashin’ holy hell! Oakland’s Connoisseur knows what they want and are totally going for it! Humor and brutality have a way of cancelling themselves out if done poorly. While bands like Brujeria, Blöödhag, Crom, and others have proven that it is possible, it’s a daunting task nonetheless. Connoisseur rises to the task with a shtick that many fans of heavy and fast music can relate to: being a total pothead. The cover art is hilarious and bad ass. The fourteen tracks on the record grind’n’thrash at varying tempos from the sludgy depths of “(Destroy the) Smoke Machines” to the twenty-one second, circle pit summoning “Machinegun Grenade.” Like In Defence, if you’re looking for a current band that rips but isn’t necessarily focusing on society’s miseries, Connoisseur pulls it off. 

 –Daryl Gussin (Tankcrimes)