CONNOISSEUR: Stoner Justice: CD

Oakland, CA’s Connoisseur play some insane, grinding hardcore comparable to the most current Dropdead records but with obvious stoner/sludge elements. To say these guys like smoking pot is like saying that Project X was just a fun group of guys who respected your recreational choices. I mean, every single song is about fucking weed and the concept gets a little tired after a while, which is why the musical execution is this CD’s saving grace for me. In the past, bands like Exit 13 made it perfectly clear that they were pro-marijuana but kept shit interesting while embracing other important topics such as eco-consciousness, anti-vivisection, and Belgian beers. Not being a Judge Judy here, just saying; the last guy I knew of who took a plant so seriously ended up playing the fucking theremin along to some of the most influential punk songs ever (that he actually wrote). As long as Connoisseur keep it brutal, though, I see them stoking out (and smoking out) many, many red-eyed grind freaks the world over. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Tankcrimes)