Sep 07, 2010

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Japan’s Conga Fury play at a place called El Taco Nazo in Pomona, California. I was definitely much more interested in many of the other bands playing that night and was curious to see Conga Fury. But I had no idea about the treat I was in store for. The four songs on their side of this split are reminiscent of their live set experience: loud, distorted fastcore with awesome, distinct vocals. It’s been a few years since I’ve heard anything about CF so I’m definitely glad they’re still around and screaming. Shitstorm have definitely picked up on the lessons contained in their Assuck and early Napalm Death records. And that’s a good thing because it seems as if there aren’t too many grindcore bands these days that can follow the simple formula of short, fast, and chaotic. Throw in a picture of some third world kids smoking weed with rocket grenades on their shoulders and you’ve got yourself a winner.

 –Juan Espinosa (To Live A Lie)