CONGA FURY: Never Die!!: CD

May 26, 2008

I guess it’s safe to say that my appreciation for the crustier side of punk rock doesn’t extend very far beyond the reaches of the decidedly more accessible “stadium crust” sound. I love an incessant d-beat as much as the next guy or gal, but I like a tempo that I can keep in head-nods and a somewhat clear recording and at least the occasional snatch of melody. Conga Fury has none of these things. Their self-described “chaotic noise and terro-rhythm” isn’t entirely without its charm, but noise for noise’s sake has always gone completely over my head. Lyrically, it’s obvious that their heads and hearts are in the right places but it’s delivered in a cacophony of treble and screeching. I know there are folks who live for this stuff, but I just don’t get it. –Dave Williams

 –guest (Six Weeks)