CONGA FURY: Dear Friends: CD

Sep 05, 2006

Whoa! Need to put on the brakes here. Raging thrash with female vocals that are blown out and manically screamed. These Japanese thrashers have made a name for themselves internationally in the last few years. Their latest is another notch in their belt. The power of their music feels so punishing to the ears. Sheer speed that feels like you are racing down the road out of control with no brakes or ability to steer. I missed them when they toured the west coast a while ago. That was my loss. What they can create on a recording must be amazing live. I would probably lose bladder control with the likelihood of the getting hurt by the audience enjoying the mayhem. Twenty-five songs are included and should satisfy the taste buds of most fans of Japanese punk.

 –don (Six Weeks)

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