CONFLICT: The Final Conflict: LP

Sep 18, 2015

A Czech pressing of this venerable band’s 1988 album, originally on Mortarhate. Funny thing about dismissing a band out of hand and revisiting ‘em three decades later is that sometimes they turn out to be more interesting than you originally gave ‘em credit for being. Like many of their peace punk brethren, I pretty much wrote Conflict off as just another bombastic bunch of twaddlers pushing an agenda long discarded by the hippies via loud British thrashing. It wasn’t that I disagreed with what they were on about, but they just felt so finger-pointy in their execution that being the smug brat I was, I pointed back with a different finger extended. There’s much of what initially turned me off in evidence here, and their singular wham-bang style remains in much the same mode as I remember it being on their first album. Somewhere in the middle they start stretching out a bit, first by tossing in some Crass influence here and there, then some new wavy dance, then they’re off on a rasta bender, and then their indulging their inner disco bunny. Nice bits, those, which indicate there was/is much more going on here, which likely explains their enduring popularity. Between this and a more recent release I reviewed a decade or so ago, I gotta hang my head a bit and admit that maybe, just maybe, they ain’t as bad as I once painted ‘em. 

 –jimmy (PHR,