CONFLICT: Now You’ve Put Your Foot in It: CDEP

Jan 29, 2009

Now here is a band that I used to love back in the mid '80s. I think I have almost every release they put out up to the point of them breaking up. I got to see one of only three shows that they played in 1984 in the USA and hung out with them most of the day they were in LA. I heard many rumors that the singer, Colin, became a soccer hooligan and rave promoter after the band disbanded. I saw them last year perform on their second US tour and came away with mixed feelings as I thought about it more. I know their ideology was important to me back in the day. But seeing them was just not the same as seeing them in their heyday and hanging out with them. They seemed like they were going through the motions and did not feel genuine. The same goes here. It does not compare with their great EPs and LPs of the past, like Increase the Pressure. The two studio songs here follow the formula of songs past but that does not translate to the same energy. Not that it’s not a good listen but it just does not compare to their classics. The two live tracks are throwaways. It’s their attempt at playing reggae. I found it boring. Conflict fans new and old will find it worth the purchase though for the studio tracks. Before I got this copy, I received an email newsletter from Conflict saying that they want people to boycott and not purchase the licensed releases from Go Kart. The reasons they cited were bad communication with the label and not following their instructions regarding artwork on this release, which led to their removal of their licenses. Since it’s out there, you decide who you want to support. You can either buy this from Conflict’s longtime label Motorhate ( or domestically through Go Kart. You have a right to choose!

 –don (Go Kart)

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