CONFINES: Some Sick Joke: 7”

Second 7” from these totally underrated Boston thrashers. I think I recognize the first two songs from their demo tape, but the flip side is a brand new, twisting, angry dirge that is reminiscent of Black Flag but has that sort of attitude that is awkward, but somehow still confident, that reminds me of the AmRep catalog. The lyrics are excellent, as I’ve come to expect from the band and the singer’s previous stint with Cut The Shit. I like that the band is very open politically and covers important topics without relying on rhetoric or clichés. They discuss punk and activism as things that are intrinsic and important to each other. There’s a recurring theme in their releases of passion within punk causing disillusionment because their expectations are so high, but the anger is coupled with an urgent need to progress their surroundings by pushing harder rather than giving up. Punk viewed in this light is—for lack of a better term—almost spiritual and viewed as something that is valid even if marred. This is the best hardcore record I’ve heard so far this year and it’s going to be hard to top, but that’s the point, right? These guys are just setting the bar higher to see who has the audacity to jump.

 –Ian Wise (Labor Of Love)