CONFESSION BOX: $?, 5 ¼” x 8”, clear-plastic/copied bound, 12pgs.

Apr 28, 2016

Artist Kayla Tange created this zine to complement her interactive, confessional performance piece that she originally performed at Rhabbitat in Los Angeles. She begins with an intimate narrative that confessions of shame, desire, and self-truths can create a connection between others and even oneself; ultimately setting people free. The zine opens to two pictures of Kayla in her “modern interactive confessional,” dressed in white and blindfolded, sitting within a sterile, closed-pane glass box, while anonymous secrets and lies were written by participants. These pictures are a muted ethereal black and milky white covered by clear plastic pages with their confessions written in red font. The next picture is Kayla quietly scrawling each intimate, brutal, and sometimes loathsome confession in scarlet red onto the clear walls of her box. She states, “In doing this, the artist not only brings people together, but also allows the participants to become closer to their own truths.” Beautiful little zine. Fifty printed. (Self-released,