CONDORS, THE: Tales of Drunkenness & Cruelty: CDEP

May 14, 2001

The powerpop punkiness of The Condors is dynamically delicious, jubilantly jumpy, and melodiously spirited with a spine-tingling plethora of happy-go-lucky hook-laden harmonics! This is the swirling sound of The Byrds if they had been energetically infused with a high-octane dose of snarlin' rock'n'roll belligerence and rabid badboy bite... this is the booty-twistin' sound of hot fun in the summertime sun, of sloppy juvenilistic sex in the backseat of a souped-up turbo-charged '81 Camaro, of wide-eyed youthful innocence soon to be corrupted by mind-altering stomach-churning amounts of the devil's drink and other illicit intoxicants... yes, this is the rambunctiously sparkling sound of vibrantly frenzied life itself! Man, The Condors are sonically cooler than cool, so aurally impress yourself and all of your cliquish lil' friends with this powerfully rousing platter of poprock perfection now, tomorrow and always...

 –Roger Moser Jr. (($6 ppd to Vital Gesture, PO Box 46100, LA, CA 90046 or The Condors, PO Box 6673, Alhambra, CA 91802-6673)