Dec 28, 2010

Significantly more tuneful and listenable than one’d imagine a band that leads off with a ditty called “Discharge Were Right” would be, these Spaniards sound like they’ve cribbed more from old Dead Kennedys records ((hold the Jello™)) than Discharge, with just enough tell-tale Rock Ballast that i can tell they’re from the same country as the Pleasure Fuckers. If you are on a scavenger hunt for a punk record by a Spanish band with English lyrics and a French album title, i’d imagine you could probably do worse than this, although the album-ending “Coffee & Coke” shouldn’t drag on that long if it’s not gonna have any saxophones. Arriba arriba abajo abajo izquierda derecha izquierda derecha A B seleccione estrella! BEST SONG: “Rip Me” BEST SONG TITLE: Amazingly, “Discharge Were Right.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Record spine reads bottom-to-top, as is the Spanish custom. Once, i was doing a record cover layout for a Parasites album on a Spanish label, and i thought i would be a dick and put “IN AMERICA, RECORD COVER SPINES GO THIS WAY. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF IT” running top-to-bottom on the spine. After i sent in my design, my text was spun 180 degrees, leaving the snarky and now-completely-inaccurate phrase running bottom-to-top. Joke’s on me!

 –norb (Trabuc)