Mar 03, 2011

I would say they pretty much pick up where they left off on their Wanna Be Bored EP. But there’s just a little more fire going on with these new songs. Stylistically, they’re the same, and they recorded with the same person at the same studio as last time, but these four songs have a little more punch and urgency to drop jaws and bug out the eyes in surprise of those who have listened to the first record. Speedy punk rock with some catchy choruses. The two songs on the B-side, “Sound of Truth” and “Born Bored” slow things down a tad, but lose no momentum in the process. You gotta breathe at some point. I can’t decide if “Secrets” or “Bail Me Out” is my favorite on here. It’s not like I’ll listen to one over the other. Fuck it, put this on, and let it rip!

 –M.Avrg (Meaty Beaty / No Front Teeth,

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