COMPLAINTS: Secrets: 7"

Dec 28, 2010

Well, damn. Complaints already have an admirable pedigree, just getting out of the gate—you got at least your original Swingin’ Utters bassist and your guitarist from the Radio Reelers here. I mean, come on—the dude who co-wrote “Teenage Genocide” is in this band! This shit’s gonna rule, right? And yeah, all the pieces seem like they should lock into place—the buzzsaw guitars, yelped vocals with just a pinch of Humpers swagger, a joyfully spazzed-out rhythm section, the inevitable denouements against boredom. Secrets sounds like something Dirtnap would’ve been stoked to release, except… well, it’s just kinda sorta there. As in nothing too special. The term “adequately rocking” should never apply to a record, ever, but that’s what we’re looking at here. It’s passable work that got a few spins on the turntable and can now be filed away. I bet they’re a great live band, but the vinyl output falls resolutely in the “mediocre” category.

 –keith (Meaty Beaty)

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