COMPANY: Die on This Island: 12”EP

Jan 19, 2012

It’s not every day a band manages to match their message with an exemplary delivery, but this Portland foursome with former members of Drunken Boat, do. Folks who appreciate Dillinger Four and Minor Threat ought to take note. With thick, meaty, chord-driven post-punk, “70 MPH” transitions half way through from brash, balls-out punk to finish on a haunting whine. When I heard “Bobby Dell,” an incredibly personal message to a parent with gut-twisting vocals, I knew this release would be in my regular rotation. This is one of the best records I’ve heard all year with progressive guitar hooks that take hold and won’t let go. Well written and executed; my only gripe is that it’s only six songs. I’m on pins for a full length. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Bulkhead,

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