May 08, 2013

Let’s be real—shit just sounds better when it’s not in English. That rule stays true for Comenzara de Nuevo, the fourth album from Santiago, Chile outfit Como Asesinar A Felipes. Experimental hip hop would be the only way to describe the group’s music—everything from hip hop/jazz fusion, trip hop, acid jazz, and alt rap can be found in Comenzara de Neuvo. Fans of El-P, Aesop Rock, Alexander Spit, and Immortal Technique are sure to dig the inimitable sound of Como Asesinar A Felipes. Lead emcee Koala Contreras spits rhymes as if each word were a threat. The ominous synths and steady soundscapes of the songs call on the influences of Gravediggaz, Psycho Realm, Cypress Hill, Company Flow, and Tricky, all held up with some Big L/Mobb Deep swagger. The fact that the Chilean band has branded its own version of hip hop that takes a million bands to describe it goes to show that they’re unique in their endeavours. Steady, calm, and menacing—Comenzara de Neuvo is what Suge Knight wishes he could roll to.

 –guest (Koolarrow,