The other day I was losing my mind to the bona fide classic Young Wasteners album. After about the fifth consecutive listen, I allowed myself time to think and wonder, whatever happened to all those great bands from Denmark and the inspired energy from that era? I’m guessing it’s dormant at the moment from listening to the latest Commie Cowboys EP. This is crap. Seriously. This reminds me of the dark ages of hardcore in the late ‘80s when bands started drifting over to pop pap (to even call some of those bands at the time punk is a stretch) or shitty hair metal wank, like that second Uniform Choice LP Staring into the Sewer. The fact that a shit bands like Youth Of Today and Bold were popular at that time is a good indication of how dire times had become. The music on this record is the sound of a band grasping for ideas and coming up with nothing. Uninspired punk and roll doo-doo. It’s apparent they can play, but proficiency doesn’t necessarily mean the music is good. The songs just sound tired. They plod and drag on longer than needed. The vocals are good, but wasted on bad songs. Everyone in this band is good, but they just can’t pull it together to make interesting music.

 –M.Avrg (Wargame, / Halshugga,