COMING DOWN: The Pirate Songs: CD

Pirates? Yes, pirates? I was reading in the last issue of Razorcakean article by Harmonee about Count Chocula, Boo Berry, and Frankenberry cereals. It was that story combined with the amount of pirate related images I’ve seen lately that makes me wonder if there has ever been a pirate cereal to compare with the likes of the Count Chocula Crew. I’m no expert on cereals, but for a pirate cereal it would have to be in the marshmallow cereal genre like any of the CCC. There would be wheat crisp things shaped like skulls and bones. The marshmallows would be gold coins, blue swords, black cannon balls, and brown peg legs. Just an idea. But this CD isn’t about cereal. It’s about screams, hopeless(ness), and being knee deep in shit. The first song caught me off guard and then held me there. E-mail them for a copy.

 –bradley (Coming Down)