Comic Journal, The (#279, Nov. 2006): Edited by Michael Dean, 204 pages By Keith

Jun 04, 2007

Not sure why Razorcake’s comics dude didn’t get this one, but I’ll take it – the whole thing (and this issue’s big; there’s a reason it’s in the book section) is surprisingly interesting, and steers almost entirely away from the adolescent “boobs in spandex” superhero genre. The Comics Journal focuses on the less conventional, more literary and challenging comics world, and as someone who’s got only the basest knowledge in comics (of any ilk) anymore, this thing was really awesome to pore through. There’s extensive letters and news sections, an hourly blow-by-blow essay about a yearly “draw a complete comic in 24 hours” convention, seriously in-depth interviews with Joost Swarte and Johnny Ryan, and just about the most massive and detailed review section of comics, anthologies and graphic novels I’ve ever seen. If Razorcake gave its record reviewers the same word count expectations as The Comics Journal does, the issue you’re holding right now would easily be a few hundred pages and Todd’d probably have an aneurysm after about two issues. The whole thing’s smart and laid out well, and the staff writers they’ve got on board are totally passionate and seem to really know what they’re talking about. All around, The Comics Journal is probably an invaluable and incredible resource for those well versed in the smart and contemporary comics world, and a rad introduction for schlubs like me, who aren’t.

-Keith Rosson (The Comics Journal, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115)

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