COME TO GET HER: Another Way to Go: CD

Nov 13, 2013

­Reviews are made a lot easier when bands sound just like another band. There’s always the possibility you can write a simple review: “I liked this band a lot better when they were called ____.” Or you can go on and on about the similarities between the band and the other band they sound like (but how they’re obviously not as good). Another option is to write, “____ called—they want their sound back.” In the case of Come To Get Her, they are trying hard to emulate Rise Against, circa 2001. I suppose if I received this a dozen years ago I probably would’ve liked it, but perhaps even then I would’ve noticed how derivative it was of the Chicago foursome. At least Come To Get Her includes a Dag Nasty cover (“Circles”), but even then, the vocals aren’t pulled off very well. And like a number of punk albums, it includes the obligatory acoustic tune. Another Way to Go is good, stylistically, but the thirteen songs in thirty-eight minutes just don’t seem original in much of any way.

 –kurt (