COME ONS, THE: Tougher Than Elton John: CD

Sep 18, 2009

I am such a starry-eyed-in-love Screeching Weasel fan that the only reason Sean won't let me have them play at our wedding (well, besides the obvious, of course) is he knows I will ditch him and run off with Ben Weasel instead. Todd will tell you that my obsessiveness goes so far as to possess me to keep the band's black and white press release photos in picture frames around my house, like they just happen to be people I know, like friends or family. Then, too, I am such a die-hard fan that I'm willing to overlook Ben's erroneous ways, his poorly calculated choices, his past lapse in good judgment, and I will just pretend that "Emo" (the album) does not exist. That said, you will understand why I feel like I have met kindred souls in the Come On's and their self-released CD, "Tougher Than Elton John." You might say they sound like just another band who wants to emulate Screeching Weasel; you might say their new CD reflects exactly the same kind of pop punk style that Weasel made popular. I don't care. For these guys, it's a compliment. Because unlike all those other bands, the Come Ons are more of a testament to Weasel's amazing influence: these guys embody Weasel. Plus, everyone knows the drummer plays an integral role in a band; he controls the speed, the tempo - pretty much the direction the song is taking. This guy who plays drums for the Come Ons is so amazingly fast and so fucking gifted that he could make Dan Panic look bad. But anyway, even if you don't believe me, go see them play live. They rock. I'm even thinking about maybe asking them to come play at my wedding.

 –guest (The Come Ons)

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