Sep 05, 2006

Ah, man, almost. Musically, The Come N’ Go have it. Vocally, they’re lost at fucking sea. I mean, the singer can’t sing. I’m not talking in a Jeffrey Lee Pierce or Lou Reed kinda way, but in a bona fide there’s-nothing-going-on-in-the-vocal-department way. The band’s smart; they cover The Oblivians. The vocals are just as flat as a four-day-old opened can of Coca-Cola. I don’t believe it. They need soul, man. The music has soul. Someone needs to light a fire under the singer’s ass and get him up to par. Take him to Memphis, fatten his ass up on chicken and lard, and see if you can get some bass and swagger in that voice of his. My advice: phone up Alex Chilton and see if he can pencil the vocalist in. It worked wonders for Steve Wynn. Only don’t bring booze: Alex is on the wagon.

 –ryan (Voodoo Rhythm)

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