COMBOMATIX: Self-titled: LP

This album is comprised of an enjoyable load of ‘60s-inspired, three-chord punk riffs. Heavily distorted bass and vocals, tambourines, and naturally distorted guitars are in play for danceable, Back from the Grave phrasing with a hint of Reatards influence. They meld the “about to fall apart” feel with solid playing moving in and out of full-on, driving beats and jumpier fare. Well done. You should get this album and slip it in with your party records and then wait for someone to say: “Who is this?” Then you can say: “Oh, you never heard of Combomatix?” Then the other person will be like: “Oh, yeah. I think I’ve heard of them.” And so on. What I’m getting at here is that it’s pretty rockin’ for fans of lo-fi-fare, or whatever term we’re getting attitude about using now.

 –Billups Allen (Frantic City;