Jan 23, 2008

This is two CDEPs packaged together in one cardboard case with a sleeve for each. California’s Comadre throws in five songs (twelve minutes) of yelling, screaming hardcore punk, except for one track which is just guitar and the same yelling, screaming vocals. It doesn’t quite sound right. The band rocks fairly well and also name drops Fugazi, Embrace, and Rights Of Spring in one song. They don’t sound like any of them. I can imagine their live shows are really good, however, and probably involve a big community atmosphere. Trainwreck is from Germany and I really enjoyed their music. They play hardcore reminiscent of some of the mid-‘90s metal-core material (e.g. Harvest) with vocals that are a dead-ringer for Strongarm. While they were slow in starting once the first song finally gets going, they don’t stop. Some of their lyrics are in German but the majority are in English. They also included explanations for each of the songs, which I really appreciated. It seemed like we’re going through some of the same things, so it made it all easier to relate to. There are four songs from them, clocking in at around fifteen minutes. The packaging looks great with nice photos. However, maybe it’s just the environmentalist in me, or maybe it’s the transient who only listens to digital music anymore, but I had mixed feelings on giving each band their own CD. Perhaps they saw themselves as two bands who were just putting their music in one package and, in one sense, that’s definitely conserving things. But wouldn’t it have saved plastic and helped the environment a little to just put both bands on one CD? Yeah, the layout would’ve had to change but I’m sure it could’ve looked just as cool. Regardless, the music on here isn’t too bad, especially from Trainwreck .

 –kurt (Bloodtown)

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