C.O.M.A.: Clinik Organik Muzik Anatomik: LP

May 20, 2014

Dunno a helluva lot about the group or the album, but this is what the interwebs was able to learn me about both: C.O.M.A. was an early Frenchpunk band comprised of members that went on form Charles De Goal and the French contribution to the long list of bands that have used the name Danse Macabre. This is an official reissue of their sole album, originally released in 1979 on Flamingo Records, with the current pressing numbering a thousand. What you’re getting here is some seriously good synth-heavy punk with songs alternating between more aggressive—not unlike the Screamers or Nervous Gender—and more introspective and expansive fare along the lines of what’s now being called “cold wave” these days. Fans of either of the aforementioned bands/genres as well as anyone who remembers the weirdo heyday of labels like Subterranean would do well to snatch this up as quickly as ye can. 

 –jimmy (Danger, dangerrecords.bandcamp.com)