COLTRANES, THE: The Cat of Nine Tails: 7”

If you can get past (or embrace) the Dr. Frank-N-Furter-sings-Poison-Idea vibe of opener “This Is a Whole New Look for Me,” then you might become infected by the deranged, fuck-all ragers that dwell inside this red vinyl. Tonally, I’m reminded of NASA Space Universe and Rainbow Person. “Distant” is a diarrhea of mid tempo buttrock sutured with jangly hardcore, however, Walt Cassidy howls sympathetically, “I will live on vacant sands / Where I hope to feel weight again.” Later, during “Seven Shades of Shit,” he shouts cryptically over spastic crashes and furious chord changes: “It’s to be loved / To believe or it’s not to be loved.” The Coltranes are almost heartfelt and always unpredictable, while Archie Fitzgerald’s artwork depicts colorful, masturbating aliens; this juxtaposition of puerility and memorable sonic freak-scapes ensures that these heathens conjure titillating tunes. Is this the sound of postmodernity or not giving a fuck? Is there a difference?

 –Sean Arenas (SPHC, [email protected])