COL•LAPSE: Enfonsat: LP

Somewhere between a very polished down Dag NastyCan I Say and some band like Turning Point. Poppy and melodic hardcore punk that is so clean there’s not much, if any, soul left. The recording is huge. You can hear the bass and drums and nearly feel them pounding across the floor, while the guitars are certainly up in your face with the vocals, but this lacks that needed grit and dirt to be convincing and attention grabbing. I’ve sat and listened to this album front to back at least ten times tonight, thinking maybe it might grow on me, and after each listen I’m still feeling “meh” about it. I hear bits and pieces in the songs that I like, such as “Ansia De Veritat,” with the guitar riff at the beginning that wants to wind the listener up into something high energy, but it’s not enough to warrant deeper listening. What’s missing from this is desperation and urgency. The songs just lie there and don’t make much fuss—at least not one that is convincing.

 –M.Avrg (Amendment,, [email protected])