COLLAPSE: Disarm: 7” EP

Out of Detroit comes this fast, radical hardcore that defies the easy categorization of anarcho. Collapse is solid crust, dishing up plenty of breakdowns and blast beats, but veiled in a stoner fog that avoids cliché and approaches the forest-moss darkness of Thou or Cloud Rat. There’s even a song called “My Little Droney,” betraying their love of drone. Yet there’s too much of a message to risk getting lost in unintelligible bellowing. Their vocalist Ashleigh brings to mind the formidable Mia Zapata of the Gits and Jen Thorpe of Submission Hold, emoting each word with the weight of a manifesto. “Fuck You I’m Done” brings to mind early Black Flag but with a riot grrrl’s laser focus on the political implications of household items: “I took out the trash / I brought in the mail / Sit, watch the world / From my TV.” Feminist sentiment is strong throughout. “Left” is the most Submission Hold-ish track, shifting on a pin from lumbering stoner drag-step into a rolling, tribal metal rhythm with impassioned war cries layered over the doom. There is room for growth sonically. At times, Ashleigh chants in her own world and the rest of the band is in a manic sprint to keep up with her. But if the soul of anarcho is the message, Disarm succeeds in getting that across: question everything, from the coffee cup on your desk to cops in the street. In the spirit of Crass, each member of Collapse walks the radical path that they’re spitting about. Every component of this release was handmade with care, from its spray-painted and etched jewel case, to the zine-style typewriter text lyric sheet and a personalized letter to “the good people of Razorcake” enclosed. This is a band that wants an individual, reciprocal connection to their fans, and they’re earning it. 

 –Claire Palermo (Self-released)